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    I have been working with JBL Films for over 20 years. Our first project was a documentary short for Screen Actors Guild that was invited to screen at the NY Film Festival. Later we worked together on a series of individual client profiles and promotional videos for a nonprofit, which elevated public regard and resulted in highly increased visibility as well as enhanced and effective fundraising outcomes.

    We are currently working on another feature documentary short. JB Letchinger is a gifted director, cinematographer and editor, with an uncompromising commitment to quality, from development through production and post.

    (From 2007 Linked In review): He is a consummate professional and a pleasure to collaborate with; a gifted DP, a skilled and extremely creative editor and always gives above and beyond expectations in order to get a great product.

    Katherine Moore-MacMillan
    VP Marketing & Communications and Producer
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    I used JB to film with his own kit in LA for my TV show Traffic Jam Nightmares (airing on Channel 5 in the UK). He had to follow the house-style of our filming by shooting and lighting green screen interview(s), which I directed remotely on Zoom, and then going out on his own to shoot a set of GVs (B-Roll) for us. JB was a pleasure to deal with. Not only is he a friendly and amendable guy (fitting in with our schedule and interviewee availability) but he was able to easily follow our brief and come up with first-class results. JB is both technical and creative and I would not hesitate in recommending him for any filming job big or small.

    Simon Withington
    Executive Producer (from Google Reviews)
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    I have worked on many television and video projects with JBL over the past two decades, covering everything from basic celebrity interviews to more complicated undertakings on location throughout the USA as well as utilizing elaborate sets on soundstages. Through it all, cinematographer JB Letchinger and his crew have always delivered beautiful images with artful touches, no matter the subject or venue.

    Needless to say, I recommend JBL Films highly to anyone who wants to collaborate with a professional and highly talented team.

    Jim Pierson
    Producer and Executive Producer
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    I've worked with JBL Films a couple times to film some LA based interviews and footage. Both times everything went very smoothly, all footage was captured exactly as expected, and then quickly delivered. They are our go-to partner in the LA area for corporate-style shoots.

    Ben Crosbie
    Production Company Owner and Producer
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    JB is an outstanding video production professional. He is meticulous in his scouting and preparation for location shoots, as well as in his editing and incorporation of music and other special effects. JB has the rare ability to be strong on the creative, management and business sides. He tracks budget closely, and does not compromise on production quality. He listens well and tells a story in a very compelling, creative and heartfelt way. At Sugerman Communications Group we've worked with many video production firms, and I can confidently say that JB stands high above the rest. He is a terrific person who is fully committed to delivering an outstanding product for the client.

    Steve Sugerman
    President at Sugerman Communications Group, Inc.
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    JB Letchinger lit and shot 3 interviews for my award-winning documentary. He handled a variety of set-ups — interiors, exteriors, historic settings — like a pro. His framing was flawless, allowing me to focus all my attention on the interview. JB kept us on schedule, was calm under pressure, and provided a first rate crew. Highly recommended.

    Mary O'Leary
    Award Winning Television Producer
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    JB is a wonderful Director of Photography. Experienced, creative, and a joy to work with, he is always thinking of ways to improve the shot, vary the shot, and get the shot. His company provides a variety of production services as he works with some of the best sound recordists in the business. JB loves what he does which makes collaborating with him an ease and a pleasure.

    Jeffrey Eagle
    Studio Head | Executive Producer
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    JB and I have worked on many projects together over the years.
    From minimal interview shoots, to special EFX and prop shoots.
    He's always on the money every time and I get GREAT results.

    He's the first guy i call anytime I need something shot!

    Tony Pro
    Creative Director at The PM Group