Recent Projects

JB has been busy with interesting projects, including Augmented Reality, Virtual Production and some event promotion for the Call of Duty League and new version launch. Below are a few of the videos - two DP and sound crew projects, a camera operator project and a DP/editor project.

Recently, JB and crew shot all the elements needed for an Epic Games/Unreal Engine special project through our highly valued clients at Vangelist and The Crew Company. Here is the full length video, showcasing the amazing Unreal Engine incorporated into a virtual production visualization guide. 

Throughout 2022, JB and crew shot interviews, creative B roll and some behind the scenes for Epic Games/Unreal Engine through Vangelist and The Crew Company. Here is just one of the videos, showcasing Epic's amazing Unreal Engine and the virtual production stage at Fox Sports.

JB shot one of the cameras in a documentary style for the event recap of the launch of the Modern Warfare II Call of Duty game. We worked for Activision through Ayzenberg Group and The Crew Company. There were two fairly large events last year, including the Call of Duty Championship in downtown Los Angeles.

Recently, JBL Films produced, shot and edited a few videos in support of and the Downtown Center Business Improvement District's (DCBID) "Grand Avenue Augmented" project.  Here's one.