About JBL Films

Video production company and Cinematography specialist in Los Angeles, CA

JBL Films

JB Letchinger is an award-winning director, producer, director of photography and cinematographer whose company JBL Films has a successful history in Los Angeles.

Specializing in real people and lighting, JB shoots documentary, commercial, corporate, feature and television projects. JBL Films provides full video production services including creative, production and editorial.

JB continues to shoot for documentary films and corporate clients including “American Masters,” “Great Performances,” the “My Music” series and independents. Broadcast cinematography includes promos for Comedy Central, VH-1, Cartoon Network, PBS and series for A&E, Bravo, History Channel, Travel Channel, Discovery, TLC, and more. You can view credits on IMDB. JB shoots custom branded content, commercials, EPKs and docs for Epic Games (Vangelist), Activision (The Ayzenberg Group), the Recording Academy, Disney, independent studios, agencies and producers. Working with nationally renowned documentary, commercial and feature filmmakers, JB has the experience for almost any project as a DP plus he produces and directs as well. Take a look at a few recent projects here.