Lighting and Grip Equipment

Kino Flo, Nanlight, Amaran, Mole, Mathews, and more

In House Van package - (fully loaded trucks available through subrental)

2  Kino Flo Select 30 LED 40"x11" (dimmable and fully color adjustable including GEL, HSI and EFX)
1  Kino Flo Select 20 LED 27"x13" (dimmable and fully color adjustable including GEL, HSI and EFX)
3  Soft boxes for Kino Flo Selects
2  Nanlite 2' LED tubes with barndoors, grid and Bluetooth control, HSI/EFX/CCT
1 Amaran 300c RGB Monolight with barndoors and grid, Bluetooth control, HSI/EFX/CCT
1 Amaran 150c RGB Monolight with 36° Spotlight SE (elipsoidal attachment), Bluetooth control, HSI/EFX/CCT
1 Amaran F22c 2'x2' lightmat with softbox, grid, Bluetooth control, HSI/EFX/CCT
2  Manfrotto Lykos 6"x5" LED with small softbox, 1 Bluetooth controllable. CCT and dimmable
1  Mole 1000w "Baby" fresnel
2  Mole 650w "Tweenie" fresnels
2  Mole 200w "Midget" fresnels
1  Source Four Junior Leico
1  LTM 100w Pepper
1  Kino Flo Diva Light with dimmer extension and Flozier

4  C Stands 40" (w heads and arms)
1  C Stand 20" (w head and short arm)
8  Baby/kit Stands
1  Mini Math Boom
1  12 x 12 solid (no frame)
1  8 x 8 kit: Full and Lite Silent Gridcloth, Chroma Green Screen with frame
1  6 x 6 kit: Silk and Griffolyn with frame
1  3 x 3 diffusion frame
1  18 x 24 Flag, Net and Silk kit (5 piece)
1  24 x 36 Flag, Net and Silk kit (5 piece)
3 Apple Boxes: Full, Half and Quarter
3  Flex fills/silk with flex fill holder
1  grip kit with clamps, clips, expendables, dimmers, short arms, gobo heads and hangers
3 Ladders  (4', 6', 8')
6  50’ Stingers
6+  25’ Stingers
6-8  Sand Bags

various rolls and cuts of gels, ND and diffusion
rope, blackwrap, C 47s and tape rolls
misc Duvateyn pieces/roll
rigging kit with pulleys, straps and carabiners (as needed)
tool kit with power and hand tools (on request)
Rigging Rope, Speed Rail fittings, additional tungsten lights, mounting equipment

Mini van package does not include everything, it includes a selection that fits the project
if everything or more is required, additional support equipment may be needed and a larger vehicle can be provided