Lighting and Grip Equipment

Kino Flo, Mole, Mathews, and more

In House Van package - (fully loaded trucks available through subrental)

2  Kino Flo Select 30 LED (dimmable and fully color adjustable 40" x 11" panel)
1  Kino Flo Select 20 LED (dimmable and fully color adjustable 27" x 13" panel)
3  Soft boxes for Kino Flo Selects
1  Kino Flo Diva Light with dimmer extension and Flozier
2  Manfrotto Lykos LED bi color, dimmable and color adjustable panel
1  Mole 1000w "Baby" fresnel
2  Mole 650w "Tweenie" fresnels
2  Mole 200w "Midget" fresnels
1  Source Four Junior Leico
1  LTM 100w Pepper

4  C Stands 40" (w heads and arms)
1  C Stands 20" (w heads and short arm)
8  Baby/kit Stands
1  Mini Math Boom
1  12 x 12 solid (no frame)
1  8 x 8 kit: Full and Lite Silent Gridcloth, Chroma Green Screen with frame
1  6 x 6 kit: Silk and Griffolyn with frame
1  3 x 3 diffusion frame
1  18 x 24 Flag, Net and Silk kit
1  24 x 36 Flag, Net and Silk kit
3  Flex fills and flex silk with flex fill holder
1  grip kit with clamps, clips, expendables, dimmers, short arms, gobo heads and hangers
1  6 Step Ladder
6  50’ Stingers
6+  25’ Stingers
6  Sand Bags

various rolls and cuts of gels and diffusion
rope, blackwrap, C 47s and tape rolls
misc Duvateyn pieces/roll
rigging kit with pulleys, straps and carabiners (as needed)
tool kit with power and hand tools (on request)
Rigging Rope, Speed Rail fittings, additional tungsten lights, mounting equipment