Rasheed Akbar

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Director of Photography Los Angeles

Rasheed Akbar, 2005, documentary, credit: Director/D.P.

I met Rasheed in New Orleans while shooting a documentary for Equator HD. Our musician story had evaporated (it was one of three segments) and I volunteered to scope out local talent. I found Rasheed playing in front of Preservation Hall and got him in our documentary. After Katrina, I reached out to him and found him surviving in Memphis. He invited me out to “document” the aftermath and what was happening with the musician community there after Katrina. Long story short – I have been working on that project off and on ever since. Rasheed is a great man, a talented musician, articulate and philosophical. Watch a short version of his story.

UPDATE: Rasheed is doing well! Contact JB for more information about the documentary project, which may be revived soon in light of new developments with Rasheed’s health.