Sony PXW-FS7 Camera package

Announcing JBL Films’ fully accessorized FS7 camera package with handheld support, Gratical Eye viewfinder, follow focus/handgrip and rear mounted Sony original LCD. Pictured here is the newly released ultra sharp and clear Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM lens. The Gratical Eye viewfinder provides an exceptionally sharp display, helping assure accurate focus and exposure. The Zacuto FS7 Next Generation Recoil rig allows quick changes from tripod to handheld. This combination saves time and allows the viewfinder to be positioned optimally for balance and comfort, allowing longer, better stretches of handheld operation. Having that left handgrip “Tornado” in combination with the Z-Drive follow focus helps insure smooth cinema verit√© style, even when constant focus adjustments are necessary. With an on-board monitor mounted to the back, producers can verify they are getting the coverage they need. We have many lens choices in house, including the Sony 70-200, 55mm 1.8, and Rokinon 85mm, along with the OIS (stabilized) Canon 24-105. An EF or PL adapter allows easy access to Cinema lenses and a wide range of options. The FS7 shoots 4K, UHD, and HD, with slow motion up to 180 fps in HD.¬† All accessories shown here are from Zacuto, tripod is the Sachtler Video 20, Chrosziel Mattebox not shown. We are ready to travel or work locally in Los Angeles, complete with full crew and or just an operator. Please email or call for availability. Click photo below for full screen and expanded image.

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