Sony A7rii ISO and Rolling Shutter test footage

While abundant information is available for the A7S, I’ve found good A7Rii ISO tests hard to find.  As I understand it, the Sony A7Rii has a much bigger pixel array – 42MB vs 12 MB. The sensor size itself is the same, but the way Sony has arranged the pixels and their size differs. To put things simply, what this means for the user is that the A7S is better in extreme low light, while the A7Rii can take much higher resolution stills (larger image size). This test tries to shed light on how far we can go before seeing noise that is bothersome to the eye. I have selected some standard ISO speeds – nothing along the six figure capacities of these cameras – to try and illustrate the capabilities of this camera. Everyone has a different level of acceptable noise, its very subjective. So, please have a look and see for yourself. These are UNGRADED shots.. I’ve tried to keep the key and backlight levels at the same relative levels for exposure. The backlight was daylight, controlled by a window shade. The key was a 1 x 4 foot LED light with a dimmer. Thanks to Nomad Editing Company and Cedar Street Productions, as well as Nathan Francis for his modeling. Feel free to contact me with questions.

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